Monday, June 23, 2008

On knitting & Teenage Angst

Isn't blogging a funny thing?

Like life really. Two different people can go to the same shop and have totally different experiences. And you think it would end there. But no, they then feel the need to blog about it, and trash anyone who has a different experience or opinion of that shop. (Yes I am making a vague reference to a blog I recently read that trashed a different yarn store in London that I have yet to visit. I know, hard to believe that I have yet to visit a yarn store in London, but it is sadly true!)

I have been trying to decide whether to blog about my experience of going into iKnit. It wasn’t good. I didn’t like it. Mainly because the customer service was non existent. Ok to clarify, I did not experience any customer service. Many people in London really like this store, I think I am going to sit on the fence for the moment.

My two experiences of this store (once going to a S’N’B session and once to the store while they were having a S’N’B session) so far have left me cold. I felt ignored. Like the new kid at a new school, when the other kids look at you but no one stops and says hello.

It wasn’t inclusive, or fun or warm and welcoming. But I am wise enough to know that those were just my expectations of how I wanted it to be and not the reality I experienced. And then there is the reality of those people who love the place and go back for more. Neither of us is wrong, nor right, just have different experiences of the same shop.

So while it may not be MY favourite place to shop for yarn in London, it is the favourite shop of many avid knitters. I will go back if I need something specific from there. And I will DEFINITELY be going to see the Yarn Harlot (sorry guys, had to slip that in!!). And maybe sometime soon I will try, again, to go to a S’N’B session and get over my teenage angst and insecurities about not fitting in. And actually say:

‘My name is Shazza, I am Orstraalian and I knit. Can I join your gang??’

So if you are in London, definitely go and have a look at iKnit. You may just have a fantastic time!


Nora said...

Or you could just move back to Sydney... PRONTO! :)

Rose Red said...

hee hee - what Nora said!!

But seriously, am sure they are fine once you manage to break in, you can do it!! And say hey to the YH for me, will you!! Feel free to tell her she can stay with me if she comes to Australia. I'll even let her sleep with the stash!!

Bells said...

yeah, what Nora said!

Lots of groups take a little while to break into and with your charm and charisma you shouldn't take too long. After all, I liked you immediately on meeting you. Anyone with sense would have to be the same!

Any sign of Lord Mr Darcy yet?

SadieandLance said...

Ah Shazza there is a black Shazza shaped hole in our little SnB group when we meet :(

Keep getting amongst it!

Jejune said...

Oh, it's so hard setting up a new life in a new country ... and there will be stumbling blocks along the way, but they will lessen, and you'll be brave and overcome them. It takes real courage to step into a new group, let alone a whole country! You go girl!!