Monday, May 28, 2007

Random Thoughts

Random Thought 1
Has anyone seen Murphy's Law, Friday night on the ABC? There is something about a receding hairline, big meaty sideburns and a handle bar mustache that really gets me going at the moment! It is all SOOOO wrong and yet so right! wwhhhooooaaaawwwwww!!!

Random Thought 2
Cleckheaton seem to have woken up from a deep slumber and caught a clue. They now have this yarn Vintage Hues. Retails at $4.75 for 83m and yes it is a direct copy of Noro Kureyon. Colours arent too bad either.

Random Thought 3
I hate shopping. This is a new experience for me, as normally the thought of going to a shopping centre excites me no end. I just cant seem to find the clothes I am looking for. And if I do they dont fit properly. I mean really, I have boobs. Boobs people! These latest fashions, which are so lovely, just dont suit ANYONE with boobs. And my girls are not even that big!!!

Random Thought 4
Giving up work to procreate. Ok, so I have actually realised that what I really want to do is to give up work to knit, crochet and create. And who am I kidding, thinking that if I have kids I would be able to do crafty stuff for 100% of my time. Oh and I do want to have kids.

Random Thought 5
How many beanies/shawls/scarves/berets is too many?

Random Thought 6

Look there goes a bird!!

Random Thought 7
I have a burning need for change in some part of my life. Something needs to change. And it needs to happen NOW! I feel like I am in a rut.

Random Thought 8
mmmmmmm handlebar mustache!!!!!!

Random Thought 9
I think I am a gay man trapped in a straight womans body.

Random Thought 10
I need a job that challenges my mind and nourishes my soul.

Final Random Thought.
I need to drink less coffee!!


Bells said...

i am with you on so many of these things. I have grown to dislike Murphy's Law, but do actually find him ruggedly attractive!

Yes to the rut, too.

Jejune said...

While I like Murphy, I haven't liked the current 'mafia' storyline, so have pretty much stopped watching of late...

You're quite right, 'stopping work' is no synonym for having babies! Quite the opposite...

I think when you have so many beanies, shawls, scarves and berets that your house is self-insulating, then that's enough ;)

I hate shopping for clothes too, for the same reasons, only I have *gasp* HIPS as well! Sheesh.

And best of luck on the whole 'getting out of a rut' thing... hopefully something that is your passion will lift you out of the job / life doldrums.

2paw said...

James Nesbit has come a long way since Cold Feet, but this latest series is boogelly. I haven't really likes it at all. That new wool is very Noro, isn't it??
I am so with you on the clothes, Thought #3. I definitely have 'girls', I had to enhance my BareNaked Lady. Clothes are made for A or at the most B cup. Anything more and you're out of luck! :-(

Elisabeth said...

Idea for over coming rut - move to the UK, develop a gall bladder problem and lose 2 dress sizes! Or you could just come for a visit :-)

Rose Red said...

#6 made me laugh out loud!!!
I bought some Vintage Hues on the weekend - the thought of felting $5/ball yarn is sooo much more comforting than felting Noro (I'm planning on a felted bag). Fingers crossed it works!