Monday, May 14, 2007

Conspiracy Theory

Well the last week has been manic. So much so that I have not had a spare moment (at work) to check my emails, read my favorite blogs or post. And then there is Princess Meena.

It all started on Thursday, when I was out of the office all afternoon. I would love to tell you that I was at a HR meeting, which is kind of true. Except that we were meeting at a French Restaraunt in Crows Nest for a long lunch to farewell a colleague who is relocating to our office in China.

That night, Princess Meena decided was the prime time to make funny noises and thow up all over my carpet. I am used to this except that it was not the result of a hairball and the funny noise was a new one. It kind of sounded like "Will you please stop feeding me this rubbish and give me whatever it is that you are eating or I will vomit all over the carpet! And dont say I didnt warn you!". Lucky me, tipsy, full of chocolate souffle and cleaning up regurgitated fish!

Friday was mad as well. Lots happening in HR land over here. So when I finally had a chance to post, I got a comment telling me to check my emails. And so I did. Yay, got invited to meet Bells, Rose Red and Nora. Without hesitation I replied yes I will be there! And so I started planning what I was going to wear (will I wear something I have knitted?) and what show and tell I would bring along. I love Show and Tell. Loved it as a kid and I especially love it now. I am the sort of person that has to show you EVERYTHING new that I own. Particularly when it comes to craft and sharing with my crafty chicas.

So I wake up on Saurday and am all excited. In what is now known as "The Conspiracy" to keep me from meeting Bells, Rose Red and Nora, Princess Meena noticed my exictement 'cos she started acting all listless and weird. Well weirder than normal. So I decided the time had come for a visit to the Vet. I nearly cried when the Vet told me the only appointment she had was 1.30pm.

So with a heavy heart, and death stares at Princess Meena, I let Bells know that there was a change to my plan and it didnt look like I could make it.

The vet visit was interesting. She could find nothing wrong with Princess Meena. No explanation as to why she was not eating. A slight temperature but no lumps in her belly. And then came the kicker. If Meena was not eating by Monday, she would have to be hospitalised until they could figure out what was wrong. It was funny, becuase what I heard the vet say was "So basically your yarn/craft budget for at least the next 12 months will be spent trying to figure out what is going on with Princess Meena". Ok, heartless I am not. But that is really what was racing through my mind when I heard the word "Hospitalised".

"The Conspiracy" conitinued when, within an hour of coming home from the Vets, Princess Meena ate. I kid you not, 1 hour after the visit. So the rest of the weekend was spent on poo patrol and giving the princess cat laxatives (yes there is such a thing!). Thankfully I had the last season of Buffy to keep me entertained!

And as a final positive from the weekend, I finished the Forest Canopy Shawl. I still need to block it but at least it is done. And it is gorgeous!!


Rose Red said...

Heh - that is too funny (not about Princess Meena, but about wondering what to wear - I did exactly the same thing!!). I wish I could knit lace while watching tv - I tried on the weekend and it was not a raging success.

Jejune said...

Bad bad kitty! I'm sorry you missed out on meeting Bells et al... I think Princess is heading for some weeks of no-name dry food!

Your shawl is looking just divine - looking forward to seeing it blocks :) I'm in to the last rows of mine before I do the edge pattern - very long rows, and seems it will never end...

And LOL, I'm the same with show and tell :)

2paw said...

Animals can just do that: make you panic and take them to the Vet, where upon the recover miraculously!!! Sigh. The shawl looks great though and Buffy is a comfort at any time!!!

Nora said...

Well, after planning my wardrobe (jeans) and picking out my show and tell (Habu) I got all shy and nervous... AND DIDN'T GO!! I'm such a baby!

Anyway, hope Princess M is doing ok. My cousin is a vet (within semi-close proximity to you). I'll email the details. And you can pay him in yarn! Ok, the last part is a lie, but he IS a vet.