Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Dont you just love Biscuits?! I am reliving my childhood at work, every day we get sweet and savoury biscuits in our kitchen (yes we are spoilt). I just hang out for the days when the Hunderds and Thousands, Honey Jumbles and Iced Vo Vo's are in the biscuit tin!

I had another look at my friend Sadie and Lance's blog and realised that I need some photos of my crafting, if for no other purpose than to prove I do complete things! My biggest problem is that I tend to give the things I make away, I guess it is becuaseit makes me feel less guilty when I buy supplies!!!

I have managed to dig up a picture of a scarf and beanie that I crocheted for a swap. It was one of the first times I realised that my crafting was or good quality andappreciated! And that reminds me I will have to involve myself in a swap again soon!

I have many projects on the go at the moment, and as I got a digital camera for X-mas, I have no excuses. So I will keep you all updated about my craftin' progress.


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SadieandLance said...

Yay! More posts!
I had forgotten about hundreds and thousands biccies!
Progress craft project shots are most welcome thanks, helps me feel like we're still actually meeting up and crafting together.