Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Iced Vo Vo Follow up......

Otherwise known as "Did I make good on my promises?".

As I nibble on my Iced VoVo's I contemplate the last couple of days (gee, that sounds profound!).

So here is the update of my weekend.

SATURDAY. I went with my good craftin' buddy Brown Pants to watch her partner play Rugby. We sat in the park with our knitting and a bottle of cider (very chic!) and had a really lovely afternoon. I then was invited to dinner, where BRown Pants made divine Salmon Patties and we knitted, watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and ate! All in all a truly fabulous day!

SUNDAY. I made lunch for my downstairs neighbour and closeted crafter Benjamina, his partner Bretly and their friend David, Lord of Style and Good Taste. I made a delicious corned silverside, mash potato, cauliflower, veg and parsley sauce. Very Yummy!perfect Winter fare! I also did a spot of knitting to round off the day!

So, for once, I achieved all my craft and non-craft goals for the weekend. I feel as though I am truly shaking the non-completer/finisher tag!!

Stay tuned for updates of the crafty goings-on for this week!

1 comment:

SadieandLance said...

Dear Biscuit Lady, perhaps you really are a finsiher completer (which of course you really are, you've just been dragged down by the likes of me!)