Friday, May 26, 2006

Weekend Promises

I have decided that if I publish my crafting goals of what I will achieve on the weekend, then I am more likely to actually COMPLETE them!

Saturday I am catching up with my good crafting budy, Brown Pants to knit, drink coffee and watch her partner play Rugby. Ahhh now there is a day with some of my favorite things, coffee, knitting and watching fit men play Rugby!! So my aim is to get ever closer to finishing the bag I am making my sister and to start a shawl for my Mum. I have some new needles from the Wool Shack which arrived today and I am dying to make use of them!

Sunday I am cooking lunch for my neighbour and his partner. If you have read Armistead Maupin's "Tale of the City" (which I highly recommend) you will get an idea of what the building I live in is like!We are having Silverside and vegetables, very "rustic" (ala jamie Oliver) and perfect for winter!

I also wanted to get started on another Amigurumi. I have an idea for a little monsuta, that is starting to take shape in my mind. Keep you posted on that one!

So there it is, Shazmina's goals for the weekend!

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SadieandLance said...

so...did you achieve them?!

And long live the return of such old fashioned rustic meals as corned beef/silverside! I boiled up a couple last winter and they were very well received!