Saturday, September 12, 2009

An Opinionated Woman

Opinionated: Believing very strongly and conveying it.

Why is it when a woman is called opinionated it used to describe a negative aspect of her personality?

Opinionated has been used twice in recent weeks to describe me, and while I have no problems being known as being opinionated (if Elizabeth Zimmerman can be opinionated, hell so can I!) I was disturbed that it was used in the negative. Like it was wrong for me to be so.

I mean what is wrong with being opinionated? When you think about it everyone has an opinion, but why is it when this word is used to describe a woman it is used like a dirty word.

I have always believed, since I can remember, that if you believe in something or have an opinion about something, you should stand up for what you believe in. If someone says something you don't agree with, then tell them. Too often in this world people say something, state an opinion, and people who may disagree do not raise their voices to be heard.

I don't want to be one of those people. I want to challenge what I don't believe in, especially those things that going against my personal beliefs. And I want, no I expect people to challenge my opinions as well!

So if that means I am an opinionated woman, so be it!

And on a knitting note, I have finished knitting D2 just need to graft the pieces together. Does anyone have any thoughts as to whether I should graft the pieces together before or after I block?

And I have decided to merge the idea for D1 and D3 into one D1.3. I will get the hang of this design thing eventually!!!

ps It was my two South African flatmates who have called me opinionated, on two separate occasions, independently of each other. I guess coming from them I should take it as a compliment!


Rose Red said...

I suppose sometimes opinionated can be another word for bullying or overbearing (not that I'm suggesting this is you!!!), just that maybe that's why it is a negative - because it can be associated with people feeling that the person expressing the opinion doesn't want to be challenged. But still, I completely agree, an opinionated woman is generally seen in a negative light.

Now as to the grafting, I have an opinion...heh! I think graft before blocking - because the blocking will then even out any grafting irregularities (if any!). Can't wait to see it!!

Bells said...

jane is right - graft then block - that's how it's been done in the patterns where it's happened for me.

Some people don't like opinions being expressed. And some people are too quick to push their opinions on other people but in all the time I've known you, you've not been a person I'd think to describe negatively on that front! It's their problem, not yours!

Shazmina Bendi said...

I think they may have been calling me that as they are not used to being challenged about anything they say. I blame that on the SA thing, but maybe not all SA peeps are like that.

2paw said...

I agree that opinionated used with respect to women is usually negative, in the same way men getting older are distinguished but women are just 'old'. Australians are pretty forthright and say what they think, not without thought, but we do have opinions, and there is nothing wrong with that. I agree, rgraft them block!!!

Bee said...

I like opinionated women, I think it's a good thing. Nothing worse than someone who can't speak their mind.

I got lot's of opinions myself (as you well know) ...none on the blocking/grafting issue though!

Tanya said...

Opinionated is good. But perhaps I'm biased - people pay me lots of money for mine lol! Much better to be opinionated than a fence sitter. That's a MUCH bigger insult, I think.