Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Bank Holidays. Perfect for knitting

So over here we have Bank Holidays. By we I mean the people that live in the UK, not me as in I am now English. I need to make myself clear n that point as I have started to use very English phrases and I am afraid I am losing my Australian-ness. More on that in another blog post.

I find Bank Holidays weird. Not that I don't like having a day off, there is just no reason for them. There are 8 Bank Holidays in the UK this year. And they are all called Bank Holidays. No 'Queens favorite Corgi's birthday' holiday. No 'Unite Kingdom' day. And definitely no Queens Birthday holiday (I like to tell my English friends that Australia loves the Queen more than they do as we celebrate her birthday. Not that I am a monarchist, I just like annoying my English friends!).

But when it is all said and done, whatever the reason they have them, Bank Holidays are good for knitting.

ps thanks to Rose Red for alerting me to this great pattern.
You are a Rock Star!

pps Still working on the design. More on that in another post.


2paw said...

That's a great bib pattern, I've made it too.
The Bank Holiday thing is weird. We have Bank Holiday on Easter Tuesday: the Banks are shut!!!
Glad you are trying to resist your Britification!!

Rose Red said...

strewth love, you'll have to chuck another prawn on the barbie, or you'll be up sh*t creek in a barbed wire boat without a paddle. Where the bloddy hell are ya?

(also, I can do care packages with vegemite and violet crumbles!)

Tanya said...

Someone mention violet crumbles?

The bibs are great, especially to have ones that button up. So many that you buy now are velcro and babies just rip them off as soon as they are able. Stupid. The only modification needed to that pattern is to sew plastic on the back so that drink spills don't soak through!