Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Things I Heart about Y'all!

There are so many things I like about the knitting blog community.

  • When you send out a yikes/help! & you receive a calm reply instantly (thanks Nora!)
  • When you check out someone's blog and post a comment, they check out your blog (thanks everyone!). Cool!
  • When you tell someone how you admire their openess about life, and all that goes with it, and in return they regularly read your blog.

Which brings me to my latest craft crush. I go ever so weak at the knees for this lady. The Mighty Duchess, how I heart thee! She lives in Seattle, which is one of my favorite places! I have many fond memories of a year spent as and Resident Advisor at WSU (in Pullman, WA. GO COUGARS!) and time spent in Seattle. It is the closest place to Sydney in the world, the similarites (Space Needle/Sydney tower, the Harbour, the list goes on!!) are amazing when you think of it. It is just BEEEOOOOTIFUL!

How it all started. A few months ago I was lurking around her blog, Yarnnation, when I read a post that inspired me to stop lurking and make a comment. Duchess suffers from an anxiety disorder. She is very open about it, (& knows I am posting about it) so I am not outing her here. When I read her post, where she talked about having this disorder and how knitting helps her, I was just so taken by her strength, dignity and bravery, particularly in relation to the thoughtless comments by a very rude person (that was much nicer than what I really thought of said person).

I have another friend who also suffers from a diagnosed anxiety disorder, and when she first told me, I thought she was so brave for sharing her experiences. We have even discussed how knitting helps her when she feels her anxiety levels rising (Way to go Knitting!).

Duchess is one of those people who I truly admire. By being open about what she is going through, I believe she is helping in her own way to decrease the stigma surrounding those challenged with a mental illness/disorder. What a woman!

  • Other things I heart about the Duchess is her use of the term muggles for non knitters. Truly inspired!!
  • Finishing her business plan, particularly when mine has been languishing in the dim recesses of my non-knitting cupboard for a couple of months! :)
  • Her patterns, her yarn..... actually pretty much everything about her!

So if you havent already, check out her blog, she is a truly gifted and inspiring member of the knitting & blogging community.

Duchess, you rock!


Bells said...

Ah Shaz, another shared love. I adore the Duchess too. And am so happy to hear there's gonna be a Duchess or Duke junior some time later this year.

I love the green wool she sent me. I feel lots of yarn love!

BrownPants said...

That's lovely shaz. You really do like to share the love don't you! I'm not sure knitting assists with my mental stability, it certainly doesn't help my temper :)

SadieandLance said...

That's sweet Shaz. I hadn't read her blog before so popped over to check it out, looks good. I like your craft crushes posts.

Nora said...

You're a little sweetheart Sharon. x

Duchess said...

Thank you for saying such nice things. You are so kind.

One day I will visit Sydney and appreciate all that I love about Seattle in a different hemisphere! (hummm- the season's are switched, this could potentially mean two paradise-like summers!)
***off to dream about a second home in Sydney!