Friday, October 27, 2006

Sister Beanie

So I am totally channeling the completer/finisher goddess these days. Or maybe I am just picking easy projects! :)
Tonite I finished the beanie for sister, and doesnt it look great. Ok, the photo is a little blurry and you get a picture of me as well, only because the beanie looks better on a head than free standing!

The pattern is by Anna, you can find it at I used some yarn I picked up somewhere, a while ago because it was unusual colours. It is a cotton/acrylic blend, which is good because sister doesnt like wool 'cos it is scratchy. Dont worry, I have had this chat with her:
"yes poor quality wool can be itchy, but I use good quality wool. Just check my credit card receipts!". To which sister replied "You dont know my body, I know my body and I know what makes it itch!". As you may have guessed she is not a knitter!

The good thing about her aversion to wool is that I get to try different yarns out, so that I can make her things. Guess I shouldnt complain!


Brown Pants said...

Cute Beanie Shaz, do the dreads go out the top?

SadieandLance said...

you you you finisher completer you.

Elisabeth said...

Looks like a great beanie. I should be able to pick your sister out of a crowded tube station now no problems :-) Yes, it's certainly coming into beanie wearing weather over here in lovely autumny London. I got to wear my new ruffle scarf last week for the first time!