Sunday, July 12, 2009

It is done!

That's right my peeps, the Clap(otis) number 4 is done. To say I am relieved is a HUGE understatement! I have even sewn in the ends (although I did find one that I missed when I was putting the Clap away last night). Maybe I am a completer finisher after all?

It is a very nice Clap. And I am even more happy that it is for me. It is funny, yesterday, a summers day, was the perfect weather to wear it. Yes, you heard me right A SUMMERS DAY WAS COLD. What AM I doing here??

So now I am moving on to a pair of socks that I have been knitting since 2007. In my defence they are very plain, stocking stitch, socks. I got bored (who would have guessed that an ENTP would get bored half way through something!) during the second sock, which is a shame as they are actually a gift for a friend.

The funny thing is the needle I need is currently being used on a fingerless glove, so I need to finish that glove so that I can finish the sock. I really should finish one project at a time! Will I ever learn?

I must say the Tour de France KAL is a great motivational tool for me. I am really starting to move through some WIP's. Continue sending the good knitting vibes to me, there is 2 weeks to go and I have a mountain (no pun intended) of WIP's to finish!!


Rose Red said...

Go you good thing! You can climb that mountain, I know you can!

Nice work on the clappy - remember that good finishing feeling as you work on the glove and the socks! weeeeeeeeeeeee!

Elisabeth said...

congratulations! so much better than the un-knitting I did on Friday...

SoulCradler said...

I have a clap that KB made for me in the same yarn! That means we match :-)