Saturday, October 04, 2008


I have just found out why they call this country Old Blighty.

It is freakin cold people!! Average temperature this week in London, in the middle of the day, 12 degrees & windy. 

AND to top it off, the kind souls that make the decisions in my apartment complex have decided that the Boiler needed replacing. NOW. (insert really bad words here). I of course had a summer doona, so had to purchase another last night. As I write I am snuggled up under my fabulous doona, the filling is made from corn starch (a renewable resource). Toasty and saving the environment. Love it! 

Oh yes, and I REFUSE to use the word Duvet. It is on my banned list, along with bespoke (that is a whole other story!).

So what have I been knitting. Trying to finish Clapotis 5 (& have now lined up Clapotis 6). I finished a scarf for a friends birthday. You cant see the colours well, but it is made from Noro cash Iroha (shade 112) which is a lovely deep purple, and some Noro Silk Garden, ina colourway I cant remember. I used a BDK pattern, Noro Silk Garden Scarf, and modified it slightly (I think I CO less stitches).
I have been buying yarn, mostly to release back into the wild. Well ok into other peoples stashes. I was going to post a picture, but I don't want to spoil the surprise!!

And then there are these socks to finish.  And a whole lot of other socks I want to start!! 

Bring it on Knitting Goddess! BRING IT ON!


Michelle said...

Stay warm! Knit those socks!

Jejune said...

Goodness, corn starch?! I can just imagine pouring water into your doona, and mixing it up to make that cool paste that cracks under pressure :)

Keep warm! Drink hot chocolate!

Rose Red said...

Please tell the bespoke story! I hope discombobulated is not on the banned words list. Because I do love it, although I rarely use it.

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd let you know I'm going to the craft show in Brissy for 3 DAYS YES YES