Sunday, December 30, 2007

Xmas, Craft & Life Beyond Mars

Well now that xmas is over I can start revealing a couple of the things I have made.

Allow me to introduce you to Trevor. Alien bear, looking for a new home. He has now been happily re-homed with Murphy.

Trevor had so much fun during his flying visit at casa Bendi's that he sent out an interplanetary call to all his friends. First to arrive has been Melvin.

He is a little bit weirded out by earth, although he is now quite fond of G & T's. He is about to be re-homed with Joel, my little friend who lives next door.

And there are a few more of Trevors' friends on the way.

Got to keep it quiet though, I would hate the govt to get hold of them before I can find them new homes!


Rose Red said...

I like how the aliens seem to be somewhat Australian. I hope Trevor and Melvin will be joined by Keith, Cec, Shane, Wayne and Jayden soon. Oh, and Tom, wait, he's already here!!

Bells said...

oh man I love them. I'm with RoseRed. Go with the Aussie names!

Bells said...

Oh you also need a Bruce.

TinkingBell said...

Love the aliens - and happy new year! Where's Colin? and Jason? and definitely need a Kevin - but they are just fabulous!

But yeah - Kev, Trev, Dazza and Bruce - the interplanetary quartet!