Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Six Weird Things About Me

Ok Bells here goes nothing! Six weird things about me. Where to start??

  1. I CANNOT STAND PEAS! I just dont like the way they taste and their texture when they are mushed up in your mouth. Bleugh! Dont like baked beans either! Yuk! I will push peas around my plate rather than eat them. My non-craft moto is "Death before Peas!".
  2. I like even numbers, they are my favorite. I think because they feel so round, and I love circles and swirls in design and Art. I have always enjoyed my even numbered birthdays more than the odd numbered ones. The only exception was turning 36 (only the day, not the year) I really hated that birthday!
  3. I sleep flat on my back, with my arms straight by my side, palms and soles of my feet flat on the bed. I like the covers to be over me and have only recently stopped tucking them under my chin. My sister and I had bunk beds when we were younger, me on the bottom bunk and sis on the top. She used to wake in the middle of the night and think I was dead. I also sleep with my eyes partially open. I only found out when the optometrist told me the bottom of my eyeballs were dry and that is why my eyes go red. Funny no one else has ever mentioned it!?
  4. I talk to myself, laugh at my own jokes, in fact I also laugh at my own farts (ONLY my own though!). I am potentially that crazy lady who lives on your block/neighbourhood! I actually like the fact that I am potentially that crazy old lady, she sounds like fun!
  5. I dont kill insects. Well, the exception is cockroaches, but HELLO they are just awful!! Unless they are the Australian native bush cockroaches, I dont have a problem with them. Apart from them I am strictly a catch and release girl. Dont get me wrong, I am not a big fan of insects. I dont like to touch them and I certainly dont like them to touch me! Take Away food containers and a sheet of paper (for spiders, grasshopers, stick insects and crickets) are the tools I like to use. And I cant step on Ants, just cant. Not exactly sure why I catch and release, it may be a nod to Budhism and the potential for me to be reincarnated as an ant (more likely a stink beetle, due to my love of farts!), but I think it is just that I feel they have an important job to do (pollenating, eating other bugs), just not in my apartment! I have been known to chase an insect (with the tools of the trade) around my bedroom in the wee hours of the morning after a night on the town. A few wines and beers definately make it easier to catch the little critters!!!
  6. I have one random short and curly hair (resembling the type of hair normaly found on another, more southern part of your body) that grows in my left ear. I have noticed recently that it has turned white (ok, it is actually grey, but I kid myself that grey is actually white!!)

So there you have it. Me in a nutshell! Having read other bloggers 6 weird things meme I am thinking that having OCD and related weirdness is really conducive to crafting! I heart the weird and strange! I heart that we celebrate what makes us unique!

Bring on the strange & weird! Bring it on!!


Bells said...

ah, your weirdness is just like you Shaz, special and lovely!

And not to make you feel self conscious or anything, but I thought only men got those weird ear hairs????

SadieandLance said...

Um excuse me but what if the spider was like a big huge hairy huntsman type? Could you really get that close to liberate it with a takeaway container and a piece of paper?

Shazmina Bendi said...

LOL! Thats what I thought Bels! I have been known in the past to catch big hairy huntsman with Take away containers, although I was drunk at the time so that probably helped! :)

2paw said...

Hi!! Thanks for the lovely comment. I love all your craft!! I like to do lots of different things too and I always have a bazillion things on the go!! I will make a definite effort to get a Nundle colour card!! Unfortunately I must pay for my indicators first!!!! Safety is an issue for the car and The Labradors!!

SoulCradler said...

I used to hate peas too, but I got over it in adulthood, somehow...I remember my nana used to put 6 peas on my dinnerplate and say I had to eat them - 6 peas was an eternity! I mixed them into my mashed potato, but that just ruined the potato :-( And I still hate baked beans too (but love all other beans?!)

I'm also not an insect killer...until we moved into our beachside abode which is periodically invaded by ants - we tried all manner of organic 'deterrents', but had to get AntRid on them eventually - and it comes from a Buddhist/reincarnation-y thing with me too.

And be sure to cultivate the crazy old lady with hairy ears - we like her!