Friday, December 15, 2006

I Feel Naked!

No, I really do. I didn't pack any knitting to bring to work today (Have work Christmas party tonite) and I fell very out of sorts. There is something comforting to know that you have knitting at hand if you should feel the need, and believe me I usually do!

Generally I meet OCC every lunch time at GJ's in N Syd to knit, whine about work and generally de-stress until we have to down sticks & go back to the mines. Bells, I know how you feel about the weird comments when you KIP, but we just get strange looks. I think people on the north side of the harbour bridge are too polite to talk, they just give you these quick glances and look away if you smile back. Odd bods! The only people who have ever spoken to us were a couple of Americans who just thought it was cool that we were knitting.

This week however, OCC has been away for work :( so I have been left to mope around the office. AND to top it all off I am going to miss the impromptu SNB at Brownpants's on Sunday as I will be kayaking with Action Man. :( :( It will be fun, but I hope my arms don't get too sore as I have to finish some knitting for xmas!!

I will have some more photos of goodies I have made in the next few days, cant post them until I give them to their new owners!!


Kristie said...

Dude! Just *bring* action man. As I have said before, I need to give him the once over.

Bells said...

But you know, the more of us who KIP, the fewer strange looks we'll get!!

I didn't take mine to work on Friday for the same reason and felt exceedingly naked!!!

Nora said...

My address will be on the envelope but please don't send anything.

I'm just giving you a few beads...

I await your reply (and please include your postal address).

Nora. x