Thursday, August 24, 2006

okey dokey. Lots happening in Shazmina Land.

Firstly, I want to highly recommend Yarns online. Meaghan is an absolute craft goddess, she has helped me learn how to resize a pattern if you are using different wool and most importantly she provides the best customer service. I recently made an order and received the wrong wool (1 Skein). No biggie, I was happy to send it back and didnt need the right wool super urgently. Not only has Meaghan told me to keep the incorrect wool, she is sending the correct wool AND a little suprise! How cool is that! And now that I have one skein of Cascade 220, I will need to buy some more to make a new project. Absolute genius! So if you get a chance, check out Meaghan's wonderful store.

Skully update. Well there is nothing to update, it is still sleeveless (the missing ball of wool is for this purpose). I have been completing a tea cozy for Mrs Bendi and another suprise for a crafty friend. I will post pictures of both soon.

I received a copy of the Happy Hooker from the lovely craft grrrl, Brown Pants. Perfect timing as I had a particularly frustrating week and it was lovely to get a suprise to cheer me up. I heart Brown Pants! She is an amazing woman, I have learnt alot from her, particularly a new love of Billie Holiday and Howling Bells. What a combo!

Well that is all for now. Further updates as news occurs!


SadieandLance said...

You say you have no progress to report - but what is that there in the photo????Is that one of your knitted skully's?? Think I'll drop by and visit Yarns Oline - sounds great!

Shazmina Bendi said...

Not my skully it is a picture of the original jumper I was going to make. Woops :)

I heart Yarns online! They have a great selection of Noro, Cascade and Brown sheep yarn.

Elisabeth said...

I got a copy of the Happy Hooker too!!! Are there any projects that inspire you? I must sit down and look through it more closely.

Shazmina Bendi said...

Definately love the crochet flower scarf, and the gold (& Green) bag. I plan to make both at some stage, ie when I clear some of my projects!

Brown Pants said...