Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Craft Show Goodies

Last weekend was the Quilt and Craft show at Darling Harbour, tres excitement for the crafty ones in Sydney! Mrs Bendi came down from QLD and braved the cold weather for it. We had a great day at the show with Al, Brown Pants and the Bendi's. Below are some of the goodies that Shazmina made off with!
Bendigo Woolen Mills: Not a great photo, but I picked up some lavender 12 ply wool/Mohair to make a Jo Sharp cardigan for Mrs Bendi. Didnt have the heart to tell her about my condition (ADD) and the likelihood of her receiving said cardigan in next year! The moss green 8ply cotton is for another Jo Sharp cardigan pattern and I think I will knit it in spring/summer, might make a nice light weight project.

Hot Possum purchase: Mrs Bendi purchased the pattern and some Amy Butler Fat Quaters for Shazmina's Xmas present. I need to find some more fat quaters (love that term), material for backing and edging and then put Mrs Bendi to work!

After the quilt show Mrs Bendi gave Brown Pants a quilting tutorial. She was abit worried as Brown Pants was getting sicker by the minute, but all went well. Mrs Bendi is very Happy to bring another quilting convert into the fold!

Kaalund yarns purchase: And finally something I bought for myself. This yarn is beautifully hand dyed in Australia (Brisvegas) and the photos truly dont do them justice. They base their colours on the Australian bush, on the left is wisteria which is blue/green and purple and on the right is waterlily which is blue, green, purple and pink. It is a bulky weight, so I am going to make a beanie and maybe a scarf, havent quite decided yet.

So that is my haul from the craft show! Oh, I nearly forgot that I bought some circular needles as well.

Now if I could just complete some projects, all would be well! :)


SadieandLance said...

Now that's an impressive haul. I heart Amy Butler.

Hey, do you have a special love for blue at the moment? All our photos look blue!

Shazmina Bendi said...

I actually am trying to move away from Pink to Blue and green, blue is actually my favorite colour (can you believe it??) I was having some issues, with my camera, computer and isp connection last night, and this was the outcome!

Brown Pants said...

Shaz was actually quite restrained compared with Al and I...Al did a second loop of the whole thing after we left! Way to go for commitment Al!

SadieandLance said...

Wow, we need to find a committee position in the AADC for Al. Of course there's always a place for Al but I have always been suscpicious/jealous of her ability to make one project at a time (quickly) from woe to go. But if she's a second lap kinda girl she must be building up a fine stash of projects and hence the ability to be appointed as a founding member!

SadieandLance said...

My turn now...update please!!!

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